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             Coco Living Vietnam is an international sales & marketing unit of Duc Phat that promotes and sells its company's products directly to worldwide customers. 
coco living vietnamthu cong my nghe duc phat ben tre

             All of our Coco Living Vietnam products are designed and crafted by locals here in Vietnam. We take great pride in preserving traditional methods of production, in many cases using practices that have been passed down generations but often overlooked. 
             Duc Phat (the owner of Coco Living Vietnam) believes handcrafted coconut-wood products have an inherent individuality, with unique differences revealing how they have been made, setting them apart from mass produced items.

             Since 2010, the ethos of Duc Phat (Coco Living Vietnam) has remained unchanged, with a focus on quality, sustainability, tradition and the use of as much raw natural products (especially coconut wood) as possible. 
             Duc Phat (Coco Living Vietnam) cares deeply about the people that have helped us build our company, from our very skilled local artisans to the sales and marketing team who contribute to the day to day operation and of course our loyal and growing customers without whom we wouldn’t exist today.

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